Sunday, June 5, 2011

Park Passes

So I wanted to share something I found pretty cool recently, my birthday was in May and when I got the tag renewal in the mail I noticed something new (at least I'VE never seen it before, but I've only been back in MI for a year so I may have missed its start)--there's an option to pay an extra $10 and get a free pass to ALL of the State Parks!!   
Park Pass with Renewal

This is a FABULOUS idea!!  How better to encourage people to get out into the parks (especially in hard up times like now)??

Now it doesn't cover camping, boat launching, or any thing other than general admission but it's still awesome!!  The last state park I went to (albeit years ago) was $15 to get into! And that included NOTHING!  Campers and fishermen rejoice!!  The baitshop owners outside the park shall too!!   It gets people out into our state's parks AND drives local economy--all for ten bucks!

Furthermore, the revenue generated goes right back to the parks to make them even better than before!!
(A nice little article: permit renewal program sparks more park revenue)

I have yet to come up with a con--and I challenge you to try to!!
A pal of mine mentioned gas prices, and how people flocking to the parks meant more gas consumed and CO2 released.  Tis true.  But a free pass means more people will likely vacation close to home--rather than traveling to FL or CA or where ever else. So in that regards its an even better idea than first believed!!

So pony up the extra ten bucks & enjoy the summer in 
Michigan's fabulous state parks!!

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