Monday, March 28, 2011

The Point

Alright, so let's put it out there.
Why did I start to start this blog, with this subject, now?
Besides being a requirement for a class that is.    :)   
When I had first found out I was going to be a mother I decided I wanted to be the greenest mom my situation would allow. So I went looking for guides and ideas--and I found a lot, but only after hours of looking. And as any parent knows, you don't have that kind of time to surf the web when you have a newborn... or a toddler.  So to spare others that frustration, I offer my two-cents.

However this blog isn't exclusively for parents.
The point of this was to give quick, easy, & hopefully painless tips that can be incorporated seamlessly into your life without much effort or disruption.  On top of that, I hope to give a slightly different perspective on the things I come across and the articles I read.  Becoming a parent means a fundamental shift in thinking, it's no longer "How does this effect me?"  But rather one finds themself asking how things will relate to and impact not only their family's lives, but that of their children and their children's generation as a whole.  And THAT is the kind of thinking that drives big change.  When we stop thinking solely of ourselves and our generation, and instead focus on how our decisions effect ALL generations, then we start seeing the big picture and making smart, responsible choices that improve the lives of everyone.

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