Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Really GE?

I'm going to get right to the point to try to avoid ranting.  We all know who/what GE is, but up until just recently we did not know that they have made over 26 billion dollars in profit all while paying $0 in federal taxes--and not just NOT paying, but claiming a 4 billion dollar tax benefit from the IRS!!!  SO whilst we are laying off teachers, cutting government services, and taking away health care benefits for children GE is paying almost a thousand employees to find ways around paying their taxes AND lobbying Congress for more exemptions. 

Remember that this is not GE's first time playing these games, so someone please explain how no one caught onto this scheme sooner?  In an economy this bad, how has no one been checking to make sure the big guys that are making all the money are paying their taxes?  Why should my son be in danger of losing health insurance, and my sister-in-law be worrying if she'll still be teaching next year when GE is banking 26 billion dollars of untaxed revenue?!

Click the link below and tell GE to stop sticking us with the bill and pay their taxes--like everyone else!!
Tell GE to pay their taxes!!

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