Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sacrificing the Serengeti

Proposed Road to Cut Through the Serengeti

Periodically I'll post links to articles and sites pertaining to issues around the globe that don't particularly effect 'us' in any relative & immediate sense--which does not mean that they should be ignored or overlooked.  Even if such issues are seemingly far-off they do have far reaching consequences. But more importantly it has to do with environmental integrity.  I was taught that integrity was "doing what's right even when no one is looking," and that you knew it was the right thing to do because "what's right is never what's easiest." 
I intend to teach my son the very same thing.

But what can 'we' do? How can we make sure the 'right thing' is done?  How do Americans (or anyone other than Africans) have any say in whether this ludicrous and atrocious proposal is enacted or not?  Well, consider who will most likely fund such an endeavor. America imports goods from Africa (minerals in particular, to feed our electronic addiction) and a road through the Serengeti would cut down on transportation costs.  So it would be worthwhile for us to offer funding despite the ecological costs.  To keep this travesty from becoming a reality citizens can contact their elected government officials, NGOs, media and anyone else with influence to bring attention to the issue and urge people speak out and stand up for one of that last great stretches of wild lands.  Keep in mind that once a ecological sin of this magnitude is committed it cannot be erased or forgiven.


  1. Great thoughts, Erika. Passing that stream of thought onto a younger generation will help our world. X

  2. :) Great post...